Using our expertise in Austria USA shipping and logistics, we meet you where you are and ensure your product gets safely where it needs to be.

Shipping from USA to Austria or shipping from Austria to USA can require a vast amount of logistics.

Austria, as a small country with a population of around 9 million is not only famous of Skiing, Sweet cakes, classic music and the Trapp Family, it’s also the home of a strong, export oriented industry with well known brands like Red Bull, KTM or Glock, to name just a few…

The USA is the most important Overseas market for Austrian companies, followed by China, therefore the transport between USA and Austria plays a very important role for the Austrian Economy.

2019, the Export Volume of USA goods to Austria, increased by 23,1 % compared to 2018 and became almost balanced which proves the very strong economic relationship between the two countries. All of your shipping and logistics can be handled efficiently by Global Distribution Logistics.

Austria is traditionally an interface between Western and Eastern Europe – both economically and culturally and besides New York, USA and Geneva one of the three UN Headquarters.

For your transport between USA and Austria or Austria to USA, GDL cooperates with their selected partner fr-8 logistics, who also arrange transports between the USA and Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania and other Central and Eastern European Countries from their Headquarter in Vienna.

The shipping and logistics are an exponential requirement for the success of all countries and the businesses they support.



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GDL has proven over the years to be a reliable logistics partner. We enjoy their personalized service and flexibility with our complex shipping needs. They have great capabilities to turn ocean shipments into expedited air when needed. GDL’s customer service is amazing, very easy to get hold off and resolve any issues that might arise.
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- SONIA GILL - Senior Director Of Operations